Monday, May 25, 2009

Update after Memorial Day weekend

We had a garage sale this past Saturday and thanks to donations from my very generous friends, we made $320 to go towards expenses for Jerry!! Yeah! So awesome!

I'm still waiting on tonight's update but as of this morning Jerry had a very bad night last night. So much that he had to be restrained to the bed (arms & legs) to keep himself in the bed and to keep himself from injuring himself. This morning the doctor gave him a heavy sleeping pill and the doctors were hopeful to be able to finally give him the MRI that they've been wanting. This MRI will be able to tell them so much about what exactly is going on and how much time he has left. They are planning on keeping him in the hospital throughout the week. By the end of this week we should know if he will be going home on hospice or checking into a nursing facitility. They are hoping to spend more time "managing" his medications in hopes that it calms some of his delusions and in hopes that it brings Jerry "back" a little more often. Right now, he just wants to go home.

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