Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's visit

I took my mom to visit first thing this morning & right after we walked in, the doctor came in. Jerry was peacefully sleeping from the morphine. Since Jerry was so peaceful I decided to head back to Corona & take the girls out of school to come visit and say their goodbyes. I've been waiting for a time but he has been changing so quickly you never know what condition he'll be in each visit. The girls were able to draw him pictures in the car and spend some time with him. I think Isabella knew exactly what was going on but Sophia being so little had no idea.

This is what we know of his condition now: His kidneys are now in failure. The doctor was in to talk with us while we were there. His body is now shutting down and they are figuring out where & when to release him in the next few days. He will be off of all medications & be given morphine to keep him comfortable.

They were going to take him off a bit of the morphine this afternoon. My mom was hoping to get him "back" for just enough time to say hello to him, have him talk with her, and hug her. I pray that she at least gets that for a few minutes. She'll sit at the hospital today until he wakes up. Jerry's son, Jason & wife, Becca are also in town tonight to say goodbye to him too. We're hoping that family members will be able to get Jerry's mom here soon to say her goodbyes as well.

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