Saturday, May 16, 2009

We won't know if the cancer has gone to his brain

Steve, my mom, & Bill went to visit Jerry today and the nurses told them that today was the best day he's had yet. He was able to keep focused and have a small conversation. He still easily lost focus and went back to seeing things and people that were not there. His memory only lasts a short time befor e resetting itself it seems.

The doctor has decided that an MRI will not be possible. Jerry will be unable to stay still & they will be unable to put him under out of fear that he will not wake up. It will now be everyone's guessing game if the cancer has gone to his brain. That could mean Jerry could be here weeks or months. Once he is stablized, they will arrange to send him home with plenty of help for my mom. All plans for Chemo & Radiation have been stopped. When and if he is ready, he will go home & be made comfortable.

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