Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's update

Jerry was moved to the "Heart" unit at the hospital. He's in room 1505. Kaiser is working on getting Jerry a social Case Manager to help manage his care. Jerry's closest friend Steve made it in town today- big support for my mom. He'll be here for a few days. My mom says that Jerry had a very rough day, she came home very upset and tearful. He seems to be declining every day.We had been on the fence about bringing the girls to see their Grandpa one last time but my mom decided that with the way he was today, bringing the girls would not be a good idea. He didn't even recognize my mom 1/2 of the day. The doctors tried giving him an MRI but gave him a sedative trying to get him calm enough to take the photos. I think they are going to try & knock him out tomorrow to have the MRI done. Tomorrow Jerry's son will be coming into town, my nephews will be into visit, and my mom's sister Phyllis is driving in from Texas. Tomorrow is a new day! Please pray!! (The photo above was taken on Mother's day just the day before he was hospitalized)

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