Sunday, May 31, 2009

The start of many Thank You's.

Today was Jerry's memorial. It was more beautiful that we could have imagined. There was a house full of family & friends, some that were even a surprise. Many hugs & lots of love- friends old & new. My family was incredibly blessed. I'm going to start thank you cards soon, but we want to thank everyone here too:

The Botros family for bringing so much food, you are very generous. The Pete McGowan Family & Joe Michael families for letting us borrow your EZ Ups. Esther C. for being a HUGE support to our family. Patty of Creative Touch linens for letting us borrow your linens. Jesse Macleod for singing for us last minute, you wowed everyone. Kenna, Michelle, Kolleen, Liz, Rena, Robyn, & Kathy for bringing amazing food. Loretta, Staci, & Yvette, for being complete & total servants of love to my family. You ran the whole show. The Rippee Family for being so overly generous all the time. Becca Jarrett for the beautiful collage & just being here. I'm so happy to know you & Jason. Ryann for taking care of my girls the entire day so that we could concentrate on the service & visiting family, thank you for loving on them. Anita for food, cleaning, and delivering items back to their destination. Last to Lisa, all I can say is "everything" that is what you mean to this family. There just aren't enough words for every way you have supported us.

Through all of you you, my mom has been so blessed and was able to see truly what God's love is all about! I know that will all the prayers and support pouring into her, she will be okay.

My last posting on Jerry's blog will be in the next few days as I'm going to post some photos & maybe even a slideshow.

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