Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not a very good report to give

I just got back from visiting my mom & Jerry. Since Jerry was up (every time I've come over he is in bed) I wanted him to be able to see the girls for a little bit. Things have changed a lot since I last saw him. Physically he still looks the same (very sick) but mentally, he has deteriorated to the point where it's almost as if he is suffering from alzheimers. He couldn't even carry a conversation with my 3 year old. I talk with my mom every evening about how the day went and she has been telling me just how quickly he's gone down hill since starting the every day radiation, but now I was able to see first hand just how bad he has become. Jerry doesn't really remember much that goes on in a day, he's having panic attacks, when he does get a small period of sleep from not coughing, he thinks someone is trying to kill him or he won't wake up at all. His delusions have become an every day thing; conversations he's not having or people that aren't really there. He just isn't "there" anymore.

As far as physically, he's still at 124 pounds where he has been for about two weeks, which is suprising since my mom says he really won't eat. He cannot move around on his own and is totally dependent on my mom to get him around. He got up two days ago without my mom and fell down the small stairs outside their home (thankfully he is okay, only a little bruised.

At this point, Jerry still wants to keep pushing forward with the Chemo & radiation that is clearly killing him. He wants to feel as if he can still beat this when at this point, it is looking bleek. My mom & the doctors are allowing him to keep going. He is only 6 treatments into his 30 before they will even CT scan him again to see if the radiation is even shrinking the tumors. I think very soon though a decision will be made to stop all treatments, maybe as soon as the next several weeks.

If you are a family member or close old friend, please make arrangements to come visit as soon as you can. Please email me directly at or call me at 951-738-9412 if you have any questions.

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  1. oh, Loryane.....I rememeber my grandmother having the delusions as well...its just so painful and I am so sorry!