Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest as of today

Just realized I didn't post so thought I'd put the last of what I've heard. I was able to visit today, though I don't think Jerry would remember. My mom was sleeping so I let her sleep since she did not sleep the night before after spending 12 HOURS in the ER before they could get him a room.
My mom called around 7pm tonight. She decided to head home for the night needing some good rest. The dr's really upp'd the medication they were giving Jerry for his irregular heartbeat and seemed to get his heart to even out. They are still unable to explain his delusions. He's still seeing things, really doesn't know what's going on, can't walk or feed himself.

My mom was actually told by a Dr. today that they may or may not go forward with the MRI after seeing a "small spot" on his PET scan. She was told that, "Well, even if it is cancer in the brain, we will still be going forward with the same treatment." as if it doesn't matter if the cancer has moved to his brain. I'm urging her to press forward for the MRI and NOT to settle for what the Dr. says. She is also saying they will still be pressing forward with the chemo & radiation in hopes of remission. I know it is really hard for her to understand what it is that is going on right now. I think her head knows but her heart cannot accept it.

Right now, the big concern is that if they are going to send him home in the next few days, with his current conditions, my mom CANNOT care for him on her own. There is no way. So, we're just praying for answers. He's at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana. Room 2101.

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