Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still hanging in there

For a week now Jerry has been going to radiation weekdays. He is supposed to be having Chemo once a week too, but again yesterday was told put chemo off for another week since he's not doing well. They will see how it looks next week. I haven't spoke to my mom yet to get today's report but as of yesterday he had 3 very rough days & nights in a row. He was up vomiting all night the night before. He hasn't been sleeping because of his coughing. He has not been eating very much or at all for several days. The doctors still seem as if it is still a good idea to keep pressing forward. They will not do another CT scan until 20 radiation treatments (which I think is extreme) to even see if the radiation is helping. He has become even more weak and pretty much bed-bound. My mom has become an around the clock care taker and is installing baby monitors in the bedrooms this week so that she can hear when he needs her in the middle of the night. To get out to the doctors appointments my mom has to get him in & out of his wheelchair and get it in & out herself, which has been hard for her to do since she herself is not in the best of health. I'm still trying to bring over meals when I can. Jess has been there somewhat but isn't seeming to be much help; sometimes picking up or doing some dishes. I just keep praying; everyone seems to be suffering so much.

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