Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still hanging in there

For a week now Jerry has been going to radiation weekdays. He is supposed to be having Chemo once a week too, but again yesterday was told put chemo off for another week since he's not doing well. They will see how it looks next week. I haven't spoke to my mom yet to get today's report but as of yesterday he had 3 very rough days & nights in a row. He was up vomiting all night the night before. He hasn't been sleeping because of his coughing. He has not been eating very much or at all for several days. The doctors still seem as if it is still a good idea to keep pressing forward. They will not do another CT scan until 20 radiation treatments (which I think is extreme) to even see if the radiation is helping. He has become even more weak and pretty much bed-bound. My mom has become an around the clock care taker and is installing baby monitors in the bedrooms this week so that she can hear when he needs her in the middle of the night. To get out to the doctors appointments my mom has to get him in & out of his wheelchair and get it in & out herself, which has been hard for her to do since she herself is not in the best of health. I'm still trying to bring over meals when I can. Jess has been there somewhat but isn't seeming to be much help; sometimes picking up or doing some dishes. I just keep praying; everyone seems to be suffering so much.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Non-small Cell Squamous Cell Carcinoma

After much prodding into my mom I was able to get the exact name of Jerry's cancer so that I myself could go online and do some reasearch. Exactly what Jerry has is NSCLC Squamous cell Carcinoma. It makes up of 30-35% of all lung cancers, the leading kind of lung cancer, normally due to smoking, asbestos, or radiation exposure. This cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality rates in both men & women.

He is in stage IIIA and based on all the facts and figures that I could find, he has a 20-30% chance of survival. All lung cancers have an average survival rate of 16% over 5 years.

They went into meet with the doctor today & receive his 3rd round of chemo to be told they'd like to give him another week before administring the chemo. They are concerned that he's lost an additional 9lbs in 3 weeks. They will also be visiting the radiation specialist tomorrow to see if he's now a candidate for that. I've posted some photos at Jerry's request, some of his friends in Arizona asked to see what he looked like without hair. The first photo was taken Easter Sunday, the second was taken weeks ago back when my mom shaved his head.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where do we go when we die?

That was the topic at Church this morning. Jerry was a trooper & made it to church with the family today for Easter. The sermon was amazing. Probably very much what Jerry needed to hear being so very ill. I know that he has been very angry with God wondering why he would receive a lung when he would be stricken down with such agressive cancer. I know that he has got alot of questions that he is going to have to press into. During today's invitation, Jerry took the walk, my mom wheeled him down. I'm hoping that he felt comfort and will put the Lord first in his life as he is on this journey. My heart feels releaved that I now know where he is going if & when he is gone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The latest scan results

Jerry & my mom waited nearly a week to receive test results from last weeks CT scan. Jerry was told yesterday that the large mass in his lung seemed to have shrunk ( a little) however it did not look as if there was a change in his lymph nodes. Jerry is back today getting another CT scan. Tuesday they have another Dr.'s appt. & his next round of Chemo. Hopefully on Tuesday, they'll be given more information. At this point, my mom is growing quite frustrated and will be pressing into the doctors for more answers.

Jerry is still so weak that he isn't getting out of bed often. He is up coughing almost all night long. He is pretty miserable and isn't able to do much to give him much comfort.

We look forward to getting him to church and our house for Easter Sunday, as Bill will be able to get Jerry around in a wheelchair so that my mom doesn't have to do it all on her own.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Still waiting on CT scan results

This photo was taken just a few weeks ago on March 23rd. Jerry had just recovered from his first chemo treatment. He was feeling pretty good and was able to still walk around a bit. Flash forward to now, he is still loosing about 2 lbs. a week, can't sit or stand for more than a few minutes at a time, needs help keeping balance walking down the hall, and is seeing hallucinations of Sophia throughout the house. Last Thursday he went in for another CT scan as of today, results have still not been called into them. We're waiting to hear if the chemo has taken any effect on him so far. Best case scenario, the cancer is shrinking so they would be able attack with radiation. At this point though, it's on everyone's mind, will he be able to survive that, much less more rounds of chemo?
I'm bringing the girls over as much as I can as they help keep his spirits up. Trying to help with meals and errands when I can, but I'm not able to do as much as I'd like with my 3 little ones in tow. At my mom's request, if you are an old friend & especially family, please call in & check on him, say hello. He hasn't heard from anyone. It would really make his day.