Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First day of Chemo

After 12 hours of being at the doctors office, talking with the specialists and actually receiving the chemo my mom & Jerry finally got home late last night. As of last night my mom said Jerry was doing well.

Because he cannot undergo the radiation treatments they are having to go with a more agressive chemo treatment. The good news is that somehow he will be able to go less often. Instead of everyday as officially planned. He is going to go back three weeks from yesterday for the same long chemo treatment.

In about 4 weeks, the doctors will do another CT scan to see if the chemo has shrunk the cancer at all. If it has in fact shrunk, the doctors feel that they'll be able to move forward with some radation.

They are expecting his body to feel AWEFUL in the next 3-4 days and expect it to last several days. They were given all kinds of meds for pain & nausea. They were told what to look for and anything out of the ordinary, they are to go to the emergency room.

We are just praying that all is smooth sailing for the next weeks!

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