Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Radiation may not be an option

Just got an update as Jerry & my mom just returned from the first appointment with Radiation. The doctor they spoke to is not feeling very confident that radiation will even be an option for them. The doctor's concern is that it will likely damage his already weakend lungs. One of his lungs is only at 10% and the other is his newly transplanted lung would be likely to encounter scarring or even rejection. They will go in for another appointment next Tues 2/24 to take another CT, more xrays, pinpoint where he would need the radiation, & come up with a "plan". They will also be conferencing with other doctors for there for their opinions.

They have another appointment in LA tomorrow to biopsy his new lung and hopefully get more information. As every appointment seems to go, they aren't given much news to hope on. Right now, they are left wondering what good Chemo is if he can't have the radiation. Jerry is left feeling a little hopeless right now. Hopefully he will have a little lift in his spirits when Pastor J.T comes to visit them today.

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