Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots & Lots of Chemo..

On Monday Jerry & my mom met with an oncologist at Kiaser in Fontana. Seems this doctor was very "matter of fact" Chemo will start this coming Tues. 2/17. Then plan will be to have chemo every weekday for 6 weeks and every other week, 5 days a week of radiation. Both of course are in different locations, Ontario & Fontana, so there will be some very full days ahead of them.

Today, they traveled back to his primary "lung" physician in LA. This doctor is quite concerned about the toll chemo & radiation will take on his already weak & frail body. He is suggesting that they do it in several series. He is also very concerned that all this could cause his new lung to reject, in which case, he would be in even worse trouble. They'll be heading back down to LA again tomorrow to do another biopsy, this time on his newly transplanted lung. They'll be checking to see what kind of condition this lung is prior to starting chemo.

Both my mom & Jerry are very upset and now very tired from all the back & forth doctors visits. I'm hoping that I can have a Pastor from my Church come out to their home & sort through some things & feelings with them and I'm hoping that they'll be able to get the occasional meal (other than from me) on the busy Chemo & Rad. days. My heart feels so heavy for them and I still haven't said anything to my kids yet. But God is good.. I'll keep praying.

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