Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kaiser is great, unless you are sick.

I was dropping dinner off for my mom around 2pm today when they pulled in hours earlier than expected. She gets out of the car and tells me about "The worst day they've ever had". For starters when they left their house at 5am and got on the Metro, they got on the wrong one & ended up in Oceanside. Once they figured out their mistake they went to Irvine then to LA. They hurried and raced all around. They battled uphill walks, finding their way all over Kaiser, and took flights of stairs due to a broken elevator. All the while, Jerry needing to stop every dozen steps or so to take a rest. They finally get into the doctor, they bring him in the room to proceed with the biopsy. Then a minute later they come walking out. The doctor says, "Oh gosh, our fault, we forgot to have him stop taking his aspirin." They could not go forth with the biopsy for fear of bleeding.

So, they've rescheduled the biopsy for next Wed. and do not want him to move forward with the chemo. & rad. until the biopsy is completed and results are in on the condition of his new lung. However, I'm pushing my mom to fight to the death about having to take a man as sick as Jerry back to LA on Wed. Seems that with this many Kaisers around, a biopsy could be done a little more locally. Especially to compensate for their mistake. Like I've always heard, Kaiser is great, unless you are sick.

So now we'll just wait to see what lies in store for the next week. It's been nearly a month since his initial diagnosis. Kaiser seems to be moving at a snails pace. Maybe they can pony express letters back & forth and get something worked out for them locally next week.

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