Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chemo starts in 3 days.

I'm a little late in posting the latest goings-on but last week Jerry did confirm with the doctors that his first day of Chemo will be this Tuesday, 3/2. He'll go in around 9:30 and they'll be headed home around 3:30. They are not really sure what to expect at this point nor do they even know how often he'll be going in for treatment. Again, they'll be coming home with more answers that day.

They are told that the doctors will very closely be monitoring him. I personally have a lot of a lot of reservations if he is even strong enough to go through this. He is coughing a lot at this point and is tired to the point of exaustion just from walking around for a few minutes. But like everyone else, we are trying to have faith that the doctors are doing what is best for his quality of life.

I have to thank Natalie Rippe for caring for my mom & Jerry so much. Bringing them a meal on Saturday has been a complete blessing for them. They appreciate it probably more than you can imagine. My mom also loves the things that the kids make them. She loves them so much!

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