Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chemo starts in 3 days.

I'm a little late in posting the latest goings-on but last week Jerry did confirm with the doctors that his first day of Chemo will be this Tuesday, 3/2. He'll go in around 9:30 and they'll be headed home around 3:30. They are not really sure what to expect at this point nor do they even know how often he'll be going in for treatment. Again, they'll be coming home with more answers that day.

They are told that the doctors will very closely be monitoring him. I personally have a lot of a lot of reservations if he is even strong enough to go through this. He is coughing a lot at this point and is tired to the point of exaustion just from walking around for a few minutes. But like everyone else, we are trying to have faith that the doctors are doing what is best for his quality of life.

I have to thank Natalie Rippe for caring for my mom & Jerry so much. Bringing them a meal on Saturday has been a complete blessing for them. They appreciate it probably more than you can imagine. My mom also loves the things that the kids make them. She loves them so much!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Radiation is not an option.

Jerry went to another appointment with radiology and had another CT scan. He was informed that he would not be a candidate for radiation. They were also told that he may or may not be contacted tomorrow by the chemo doctor for chemo that may or may not take place any time soon.

Needless to say this is not sitting well with either of them. What does it actually mean for him if he does not receive radiation? Sure his newly transplanted lung will be spared but will he be alive to use that lung? While they are trying to remain positive, their frustrations with Kaiser are growing daily. The fact they have been told that this is a very rapidly growing cancer and now at week 6 since diagnosis and still no plan of action has been put in place.. they are growing doubtful at Kaiser's ability to do anything at this point.

My mom will be calling trying to get some kind of answers tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Radiation may not be an option

Just got an update as Jerry & my mom just returned from the first appointment with Radiation. The doctor they spoke to is not feeling very confident that radiation will even be an option for them. The doctor's concern is that it will likely damage his already weakend lungs. One of his lungs is only at 10% and the other is his newly transplanted lung would be likely to encounter scarring or even rejection. They will go in for another appointment next Tues 2/24 to take another CT, more xrays, pinpoint where he would need the radiation, & come up with a "plan". They will also be conferencing with other doctors for there for their opinions.

They have another appointment in LA tomorrow to biopsy his new lung and hopefully get more information. As every appointment seems to go, they aren't given much news to hope on. Right now, they are left wondering what good Chemo is if he can't have the radiation. Jerry is left feeling a little hopeless right now. Hopefully he will have a little lift in his spirits when Pastor J.T comes to visit them today.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This week's timetable

They've confirmed that Monday they will be going into radiation to get the "downlow" on what to expect of radiation and the whole process. Tuesday, I'm soo happy to say that Pastor JT from Crossroads will be going to their home & sharing the Lord with them. At first it was at my prompt but then a day later, Jerry was requesting it. I think he knows how very sick he is and has questions. Questions are good. On Wednesday they will be traveling back to LA for the biopsy of the new lung. The doctor is still adamant about having this done prior to going forth with chemotherapy. Hopefully I'll have something more to report by Friday.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kaiser is great, unless you are sick.

I was dropping dinner off for my mom around 2pm today when they pulled in hours earlier than expected. She gets out of the car and tells me about "The worst day they've ever had". For starters when they left their house at 5am and got on the Metro, they got on the wrong one & ended up in Oceanside. Once they figured out their mistake they went to Irvine then to LA. They hurried and raced all around. They battled uphill walks, finding their way all over Kaiser, and took flights of stairs due to a broken elevator. All the while, Jerry needing to stop every dozen steps or so to take a rest. They finally get into the doctor, they bring him in the room to proceed with the biopsy. Then a minute later they come walking out. The doctor says, "Oh gosh, our fault, we forgot to have him stop taking his aspirin." They could not go forth with the biopsy for fear of bleeding.

So, they've rescheduled the biopsy for next Wed. and do not want him to move forward with the chemo. & rad. until the biopsy is completed and results are in on the condition of his new lung. However, I'm pushing my mom to fight to the death about having to take a man as sick as Jerry back to LA on Wed. Seems that with this many Kaisers around, a biopsy could be done a little more locally. Especially to compensate for their mistake. Like I've always heard, Kaiser is great, unless you are sick.

So now we'll just wait to see what lies in store for the next week. It's been nearly a month since his initial diagnosis. Kaiser seems to be moving at a snails pace. Maybe they can pony express letters back & forth and get something worked out for them locally next week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots & Lots of Chemo..

On Monday Jerry & my mom met with an oncologist at Kiaser in Fontana. Seems this doctor was very "matter of fact" Chemo will start this coming Tues. 2/17. Then plan will be to have chemo every weekday for 6 weeks and every other week, 5 days a week of radiation. Both of course are in different locations, Ontario & Fontana, so there will be some very full days ahead of them.

Today, they traveled back to his primary "lung" physician in LA. This doctor is quite concerned about the toll chemo & radiation will take on his already weak & frail body. He is suggesting that they do it in several series. He is also very concerned that all this could cause his new lung to reject, in which case, he would be in even worse trouble. They'll be heading back down to LA again tomorrow to do another biopsy, this time on his newly transplanted lung. They'll be checking to see what kind of condition this lung is prior to starting chemo.

Both my mom & Jerry are very upset and now very tired from all the back & forth doctors visits. I'm hoping that I can have a Pastor from my Church come out to their home & sort through some things & feelings with them and I'm hoping that they'll be able to get the occasional meal (other than from me) on the busy Chemo & Rad. days. My heart feels so heavy for them and I still haven't said anything to my kids yet. But God is good.. I'll keep praying.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cancer is in stage 3.

Last night Jerry & my mom received a phone call around 5:30. The doctor was not sounding very optomistic of his findings. The cancer in his lungs & lymph nodes is in stage 3 and my mom was told that Jerry is a "very sick man". They now have an appointment with an oncologist Monday morning at 11am. They really were not given any more information and hopefully will know more of what the future brings after their appointment.

Both of them are very upset right now and unfortunately I can't say much to bring them any peace. I can just ask everyone to keep praying for them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The biopsy went A-okay.

Thankfully the biopsy was a success. They were able to go in and get to his lymph nodes on the first attempt. Great news so that they will not have to take a seperate trip to Long Beach to see a specialist. They aren't sure when they will hear anything next but do have another appointment in LA scheduled for next Wednesday.