Friday, January 30, 2009

Another bippsy has been scheduled.

My mom & Jerry returned from a very long day at Kaiser in Los Angeles yesterday and were able to meet with several physicians though still don't have many details.

It was confirmed that on Jerry's last PET scan, that "bright or hot" spots were seen in his lymph nodes. They've now scheduled him for a biopsy of the lymph nodes back in LA this Wed. 2/4. His doctor is optimistic that they will be able to do the biopsy but he does run the chance of it not being able to do it because of built up scar tissue in his lung. In that case, Jerry would be sent to a specialist at Harbor City Kaiser in Long Beach to have the biopsy done on yet another date.

So, for the next weeks, our family waits on these doctors to move forward to give us more answers. We'd like to see it all a bit more expedited, but in the meantime will have to hang on the fact that this is a part of God's perfect timing and not of our own.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thought to be in his lymph nodes

Jerry was back at Kaiser in Fontana into the very late evening on Tues. the 20th having another series of tests, this time shooting "radio active stuff" into his lungs to get a good picture of what it looks like in there (per my mom's description) LOL. They called back with some information on the findings last night (Wed.) they said based on what they are seeing, they feel as if the cancer has probably spread into his lymph nodes. They said at this point they'll fast forward everything to find out more. They have been scheduled to go back to the Kaiser in L.A on the 29th but are hoping they'll receive a call today telling them that it has been pushed to a sooner date.

This news has really worried Jerry & my mom because they were so overly cautious about having alot of information in front of them before even using the word cancer. So, they are greatly feeling that it has gone into his lymph nodes otherwise they would not have said it aloud.

They are anxious to get a call from his transplant coordinator, Sue today(she has still been an advocate for his healthcare with Kaiser since receiving the transplant 18 mo. ago).

We're praying that everything moves forward quickly so that they have all information in front of them & know what to do to move forward.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Jerry received a call around 5:30 tonight giving him the bad news that he has cancer in his "natural lung" as the doctors call it. In June he had received a CT scan which showed a small hole in his lung. He had another CT scan last week that showed the hole had become about the size of a small bouncy ball. The doctors could see a mass on the inside of it. He was biopsied yesterday and received the call this evening.

Finally, they have an answer for his severe weight loss, weakness, & health deterioration. He never recovered from the transplant of his left lung several years ago and has only become more susptible more illness' over the years. We are waiting on my mom to have a lengthy conversation with the doctors tomorrow to find out more.

I fully believe in prayer & ask my friends that you'll pray the fort he following; that comfort & peace is brought to my mom & Jerry throughout this whole new chapter of illness that he's now entering. That Jerry stays strong to battle this cancer.