Sunday, May 31, 2009

The start of many Thank You's.

Today was Jerry's memorial. It was more beautiful that we could have imagined. There was a house full of family & friends, some that were even a surprise. Many hugs & lots of love- friends old & new. My family was incredibly blessed. I'm going to start thank you cards soon, but we want to thank everyone here too:

The Botros family for bringing so much food, you are very generous. The Pete McGowan Family & Joe Michael families for letting us borrow your EZ Ups. Esther C. for being a HUGE support to our family. Patty of Creative Touch linens for letting us borrow your linens. Jesse Macleod for singing for us last minute, you wowed everyone. Kenna, Michelle, Kolleen, Liz, Rena, Robyn, & Kathy for bringing amazing food. Loretta, Staci, & Yvette, for being complete & total servants of love to my family. You ran the whole show. The Rippee Family for being so overly generous all the time. Becca Jarrett for the beautiful collage & just being here. I'm so happy to know you & Jason. Ryann for taking care of my girls the entire day so that we could concentrate on the service & visiting family, thank you for loving on them. Anita for food, cleaning, and delivering items back to their destination. Last to Lisa, all I can say is "everything" that is what you mean to this family. There just aren't enough words for every way you have supported us.

Through all of you you, my mom has been so blessed and was able to see truly what God's love is all about! I know that will all the prayers and support pouring into her, she will be okay.

My last posting on Jerry's blog will be in the next few days as I'm going to post some photos & maybe even a slideshow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please join us for Jerry's Memorial Service
Sunday, May 31st
3163 Banton Circle
Corona, CA 92882
Please let me know if you'd like exact directions.
All friends & family invited. Kids are welcome!
Please let us know if you'll be able to join us to celebrate his life!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Services for Jerry

Just wanted to let friends & family know that we'll be having services for Jerry early Sunday afternoon. Pastor JT's schedule is pretty tight this last minute so we are feeling blessed that he has any times available. Please put it on your calendar & let us know if you think you can make it. Exact location & time will be figured out tomorrow early afternoon.

Thank you to all the calls, emails, & facebook posts! We've been overwhelmed with all the prayers & thoughts. My mom is feeling so loved right now.

Jerry's passing

The dreaded phone call just came in from Lorayne's mom that Jerry just passed away about 4:45 this morning. Needless to say her Mom is a mess, but Lorayne is already on the way to the hospital to console and help her.

I saw Jerry last night around 7:30; I could tell he was not doing well.

May he Rest in Peace now that his body has been rid of the pain that overtook him so quickly.

Say a prayer for the rest of the family, especially Grandma as it will be extremely hard on her as she was in the hospital room when it happened.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My mom called about an hour ago and said she was told by both of Jerry's doctors & the hospice worker that came by that they do not expect Jerry to live through the night. He breathing has become less frequent; they've now put a full face mask on him to help him take in air. He did not "come to" today as my mom & the doctors had hoped. My nephews are on their way, as is his son, Bill should be there about now. I'm hoping to get over there and spend the later 1/2 of the night there. Will keep this blog posted as I can.

Today's visit

I took my mom to visit first thing this morning & right after we walked in, the doctor came in. Jerry was peacefully sleeping from the morphine. Since Jerry was so peaceful I decided to head back to Corona & take the girls out of school to come visit and say their goodbyes. I've been waiting for a time but he has been changing so quickly you never know what condition he'll be in each visit. The girls were able to draw him pictures in the car and spend some time with him. I think Isabella knew exactly what was going on but Sophia being so little had no idea.

This is what we know of his condition now: His kidneys are now in failure. The doctor was in to talk with us while we were there. His body is now shutting down and they are figuring out where & when to release him in the next few days. He will be off of all medications & be given morphine to keep him comfortable.

They were going to take him off a bit of the morphine this afternoon. My mom was hoping to get him "back" for just enough time to say hello to him, have him talk with her, and hug her. I pray that she at least gets that for a few minutes. She'll sit at the hospital today until he wakes up. Jerry's son, Jason & wife, Becca are also in town tonight to say goodbye to him too. We're hoping that family members will be able to get Jerry's mom here soon to say her goodbyes as well.